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It's amazing how much technology has changed the voiceover business. The old joke used to be “I'll phone it in”.

Today's reality? That's precisely what we do.

And it works both ways. I've actually been directed in session by a producer on a cell phone riding in a convertible. Arriving at the office, those major LA studio quality voice tracks were ready for download and use in post.

But even more amazing is the sea of people who've become voice talents. Pretty much anyone with a laptop and a pop up ad. You'd think that voice talents are everywhere. But the talent you really want to hire is probably still in LA or New York, and most likely got and stayed there by being a successful voice talent.

I've tried to construct this website to answer the questions I'd ask if I were hiring a voice. And have included plenty of rich content to answer those questions. You'll find my original audio demo which features 5 distinctly different types of reads. That kind of flexibility can really save you should your session take a creative turn. The Dip n' Pull and Sophia became defining reads for me. Kodacolor and Ever Ready brought me tons of narration.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Just about anyone can sound great on 10 second segments on a demo tape. But what about an entire read? I've included some excellent uncut audio and video samples for you, including one that I'm particularly proud of, Del Webb's “Anthem”. I think it's worthy of the billion dollar project it announced.

Just one last thing. I'd want to hear my talent on a full campaign. Not many have done one. And there's no more impressive a way to present a voice to your client. So I've included a series of TV commercials that I did for Oklahoma Gas & Electric as their spokesman. They were voiced here in my booth.

It's been a lot of fun putting this site together for you. I hope you find it enjoyable and informative to review, and that we can work together soon.

“Fair, and easy to work with”.

“Probably the best home studio
that I've heard. Sounded like we
recorded him here”.

“We did an eight minute narration with Paul in 15 minutes”.

“When we asked him, he gave us really insightful input, he helped us select cuts, and made sure we had everything we needed”.

“A consummate storyteller. . .”.


© by Paul Trembley