Paul Trembley - The Voice of Quality, Luxury and Information

If you're trying to persuade or inform intelligent adults, Paul Trembley is the voice for you. He's been doing voice over exclusively in Los Angeles for over 25 years. Paul's worked with Hollywood's top agents, and has been the voice of many TV and radio campaigns. He's been the national TV voice of, and is heard in the movie “Zodiac”.

This site features uncut samples of Paul's work. After all, anyone can sound brilliant in a series of 10 second sound bites, but what about an entire commercial? A narration? Or, better yet, entire campaign? That's all included here for you. So you can choose Paul with confidence knowing that you'll get the same excellent results.

Please take a moment to bookmark this site. That way, the next time you're working on something important, you can easily contact Paul.


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